The only thing I knew about money was

that more is better. And if I wanted to support my family, I’d need to figure out a way to get more of it fast. Bills and budgets baffled me. Accounting, finance, commerce -- just the thought of it all intimidated me. That was then. Before clueless me signed up for a course at Cope. That course changed my outlook completely and opened up my eyes to the world of business. The great environment, the no-nonsense style, and the amount of information I was mastering in each jam-packed class surprised me, so I signed up for the full degree program. The rest as they say is history. I graduated in just 22 months, confident about my financial skills and my value in the workplace. Today, I’m at Roth & Co. where I oversee the planning and execution of audits and reviews of private companies and nonprofits. I’m an upwardly mobile professional with a career that suits my life and my lifestyle. And yeah, you could say I’m pretty knowledgeable about money these days. Through my work, business owners are assured they have the correct information needed to decide where and how to spend it.

Sholomo Halberstam, '16, CPA candidate | Senior Associate | Roth & Co.

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